Face masks: if you can’t sew there are other DIY tricks you can use

Mahmoud and many busy helpers are continuing to sew masks. The refugee support group has already sewn about 400 cloth masks. But this is not enough for us to meet the huge demand. 

Some German towns and cities are already calling on their citizens to wear masks in public. One of these is Hanau. Citizens are encouraged to use self-sewn or self-made masks, as the officially certified masks are needed in the healthcare sector.

We therefore recommend the handicraft instructions in the Tagesspiegel for DIY enthusiasts. Here, author Peter von Stamm shows how a disposable mask can be made using everyday objects (following instructions from the University of Hong Kong, Shenzen).

If you‘ d like to try it out, you can find the instructions under the following link. You may need to scroll down a long way for the detailed instructions with many pictures:


Virologist Christian Drosten from the Charité hospital in Berlin also considers this type of mask to be very useful.

The Robert Koch Institute (Germany’s „top name in infection prevention“) points out that people suffering from cold symptoms should wear a mask in public. The new coronavirus is probably already infectious before you notice symptoms yourself. Some people may contract it without feeling ill. It therefore makes sense to wear a cloth mask to protect other people. Even though there is no scientifically proven evidence for this yet. And it is essential to continue to observe the rules on distancing and hygiene. So please, keep on washing your hands frequently.
(Source: https://www.rki.de/SharedDocs/FAQ/NCOV2019/FAQ_Liste.html#FAQId13545204, accessed 04/04/2020)